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Scarlett's Story!!

16 July 2013
Scarlett My name is Scarlett. Almost a month ago, my Mum and Dad adopted 2 cute black kittens named Minnie & Jessie. It was a total surprise to my sister and me. On a Tuesday I got back from an after school club and my Dad instructed us to go into our spare bedroom. At the back of the room was a fun 3 tiered scratch post and a little bed. I whispered to my sister "we're getting another pet!!" My Mum told me that we would be getting 2 kittens. A few minutes later they arrived. They looked so small as they trotted out of their carrrier. Our house was like one big playground to them. Now, after a few weeks of exploring they recognise this house as their home.
Minnie is the quiet one. She will happily come and sit next to you, especially if you have a blanket on! She loves creeping through the crack in my door that I leave slightly open and comes and sits on my bed. Her least favourite thing is water, which is why she only really comes into the bathroom to use her litter tray! She is the one who has a collar.
Jessie is more of the playful one. She is mad about her fish toy and will do almost anything to get to it! She loves climbing up the curtain, even though she knows she is not allowed to! She is very cheeky too, for she has fallen in the bath not once, but twice! Her least favbourite object is a ball we have where if you bounce it, it will laugh. Jessie has the smaller face.
My whole family loves the kittens and we hope they will be with us for a long, long time! We are really grateful to Cats Protection for letting us adopt them.