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Cruel beyond words

22 June 2011
Cruel beyond words
Precious is just 7 weeks old. Last Wednesday she was found abandoned in a cardboard box behind a skip in Blackwood and taken to Budget Vets. On examination, Precious was found to have a badly broken back leg, an injured paw and several infected puncture wounds, thought to have been caused by dog bites. Staff at Budget Vets treated her wounds and looked after her until she could be transferred to Veterinary orthopedic specialist Mr Russell Chandler of Alphavet in Risca to see if he could save her leg from amputation. After taking x-rays and after much deliberation, because of the kitten's young age, Mr Chandler operated on Precious on Friday and pinned her tiny leg in 2 places. The next day she was eating well and using her leg and, although it is early days, volunteers have high hopes that this brave little kitten will be able to enjoy a normal life after such a cruel and traumatic start.

''We are at a loss as to how anyone could treat this adorable, innocent kitten with such appalling callousness. Precious is much too young to fend for herself and with no warmth or comfort, in a great deal of pain and unable to move because of her broken leg, she would have starved to death had she not been found. Once again a tiny, defenceless kitten has become a victim of heartless human cruelty leaving volunteers in despair.  If anyone has any information about this very cruel act, please contact Gwent Cats Protection on 0845 371 2747 and it will be passed to the RSCPA and Gwent Police. ''

Precious will need further treatment before her recovery is complete and volunteers will ensure that she receives the highest quality of care. Hopefully she will soon go on to live the happy life that a kitten should have in a loving, caring home.  

Footnote: If you would like to help towards the cost of this lovely kitten's care, please make donations payable to Cats Protection Gwent Branch and send c/o Loretta Kedward to PO Box 74, Blackwood, Gwent NP12 9AP.