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Cats with Character

13 May 2013
Cats with Character

We have all sorts of cats that come into care, but unfortunately not that many are ‘bomb-proof’ and could be homed anywhere. We often have lovely homes waiting but they may have young children,  or a dog or want/need an indoor cat and we do not have a suitable cat in care.

We always try to make sure that we home the right cat in the right household, but we all know that this is not 100% fool proof but we do our utmost to get most of them right.

However, at the moment we have quite a few cats in care who have ‘attitude’… yes, you know the type I mean - love you one minute and would swear that you were their worst enemy the next! A number of these are tortoiseshell in colour (sorry to all you tortie lovers out there!) but there are some that aren’t tortie either.

An added issue with most of these cats is that they don’t like other cats so need to be homed as an only cat, hence making homing even more difficult.

Homing is very slow at the moment and so these cats with ‘character’ end up spending longer and longer in a pen, it might even be that living in a pen, next door to other cats is exacerbating their ‘character’.

Oddly enough all these cats are female, I am sure that it is a pure coincidence of course!

So what we are looking for is a loving owner, with no other pets or children, who is willing to take on a cat who can be full of ‘character’ when they want to be but will also be very loving and affectionate.

It may even be that once in a loving home they become more loving and less full of character – but there is no guarantee of this of course. We appreciate this is difficult, as most people willing to take on such a cat are those who usually have a number of cats already.

But if you, or you know of anyone, who would like to offer one of these cats a home then please give us a call – 0845 371 2747 – or email on gwentsouthcp@btinterent.com