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Please help us help cats like Seren

27 August 2012
Please help us help cats like Seren Seren is a 6 week old kitten that came into CP from the Newport area with her brother and sister just over a week ago as an emergency. Several of the kittens from the litter had already died and all 3 surviving kittens were very weak, cold dehydrated , anaemic ( from fleas) , unable to open their eyes due to severe cat flu and had ear mites. The kittens were taken straight to the vets and admitted as the two females temperatures were so low they didn't even register on the thermometer. Unfortunately the weakest of the females was too poorly and was put to sleep that evening. The little black male was the strongest and after three days he was discharged from the vets and is eating on his own and doing well. He has been named Lucky. His much smaller sister spent a week on fluids and has now been discharged and her fosterer is having to hand rear her as little Seren only weighs just over 210 grams. At 6 weeks we would normally expect a kitten of her age to weigh a minimum of 500 grams. She is doing well however and is a little fighter!
Funds are really low at the moment, as well as the bill we will be getting for Seren and Lucky , we have had a big vet bill for a 10 month old young cat that was taken to a local vets to be put to sleep after badly breaking a leg after jumping from a bedroom window. She had her leg pinned and has now been successfully rehomed. We have also been swamped this year with a huge number of kittens - all requiring vet visits, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment plus food , litter etc. We have rescued and taken in kittens born in sheds,greenhouses, on a shed roof , on a grass verge near a main road and even in one case a stray that got into a house and had her 5 kittens in a wardrobe!

Any donations towards our costs would be gratefully received, please visit our support us page or click the bucket at the top of the page.

Seren update.

Seren is now 9 weeks old and is doing really well. She weighs  360 grams so is gaining weight steadily and is now fully weaned, though she still enjoys her bottle of milk in the morning & before bed.  She is going to be a little character – typical tortie – small as she is , she grizzles and screams if you try to do something she isn’t happy with – worming her for example!  Still got a long way to go to get her up to a normal weight and size  but things going well so far for her . Her brother Lucky is fine too, he now weighs over 550 grams so will be able to go up for adoption soon

Further Seren update....
Thanks to everyone who has sent donations and made enquiries about the progress of Seren and her brother Lucky. Unfortunately this weekend, Seren deteriorated and had to be put to sleep. She was a real character , small as she was and we will miss her. Her brother Lucky, continues to make slow progress though at 14 weeks he is still tiny.