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Taz's Journey

01 April 2014
Taz Taz came into our care from a multi cat household recently. She hasn't had the best start in life unfortunatly, at only 5 months old she developed chronic breathing problems.

Taz was taken to Jones the vet in Newport to be assessed and it was diagnosed that her difficulty breathing was due to her chest not having developed properly and was misshapen, so there wasn't enough room in her chest area for her organs.

Jones the vet said in 30 years of practice she had only seen 3 other cases of this type, and that it would need to be treated by a specialist for this major, extremely rare type of operation. Luckily they knew of a vet that would be able to do the procedure, but, it was in 60 miles away in Swindon.

Our branch coordinator Glynis spoke to the vets in Swindon, Eastcott Vets, who agreed to do the procedure. As we are a charity and rely on donations to be able to fund operations such as this, they were kind enough to charge the branch less than 50% of the normal fee for this type of operation, to try to give this young cat a life.

Glynis had to be in Swindon very early on the morning of the operation and took leave from work to be able to take Taz to Swindon by 8:30am. She dropped her off and it was an anxious wait while Taz underwent the operation.

It was good news and Taz came through the operation OK, and was even eating when Glynis rang to see how she was just hours after the op.Glynis again took leave from work to pick Taz up and bring her home a few days later. Taz still needed specialist care in recovery and vet nurse Alex from Jones the Vet offered to look after her for the first few weeks or so. Her breathing was so much better already even this early after the operation!

Taz has been on is on cage rest ever since, and is making a great recovery! We were so pleased to be able to give this cat the chance to be able to live life to the full and would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Jones the Vet and Eastcott Vets, and of course to all our supporters whos donations made this possible.

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