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Theodore (Teddy) 's story ..

26 February 2018
Theodore (Teddy) Meet our latest emergency... Teddy (Theodore) dumped at a cattery in one of the most pitiful states we have ever seen.

This poor abandoned Persian boy was matted from head to tail .. the photo doesn't really show that unfortunately, but vets had no choice but to completely shave him. He is also being treated for a runny eye and has had to have 2 teeth removed as they were growing sideways.

Now named Theodore (Teddy) , this lovely, gentle, affectionate boy responded immediately to his fosterers and is now enjoying lots of fusses and attention, despite the appalling neglect he has suffered so far in his life. He will be sporting a snazzy new jumper while his beautiful fur grows back and we will find him the home and happy, secure life that he so deserves.