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Trapping and neutering feral cats at a local factory.

03 April 2011
The sudden closure of Alphasteel in Newport created a huge problem for the 80 feral cats living on the premises. They had acted as mousers and rodent control for a number of years and had been fed by many caring cat lovers at the plant. Since the plant closed just before Christmas, there were only a small number of employees remaining on site who are doing their very best to ensure that the cats are being fed, but with so many cats, it was proving very difficult for them.

Although a few of the cats are friendly, the majority were feral and set out to neuter and rehome as many as possible.

After a great deal of hard work and time, we we have neutered 62 cats that were unneutered & healthy onsite and rehomed 54 cats, mainly to outdoor homes.

We would like to thank everyone that has helped & if anyone can offer outdoor homes, please ring 0845 371 2747.