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Wheelie Bin Kitten

13 October 2014
Wheelie Bin Kitten
One of our volunteers, Lesley Flynn, got herself into a tight spot recently. She was trapping feral cats (for neutering) at an Abergavenny caravan site when she received a call from the owner Jim Harris to say he had come across a kitten with its head stuck in a wheelie bin! He had already informed the RSPCA to ask them to help, but Lesley decided not to wait a moment longer and sprang into action!

Jim donned heavy duty gloves, emptied all the rubbish bags out of the bin and climbed in armed with a bottle of washing-up liquid to hopefully free the kitten. Lesley lay down on the floor and squeezed herself under the bin where the kitten was stuck and secured the kitten by the scruff of the neck, so it wouldn't hurt itself while they worked to free it. She gently pulled the black and white kitten while Jim coaxed its ears through the plughole, and out  it popped, safe and sound into Lesley's hands. Just as they were putting the cat into the carrier, the RSPCA inspector arrived on the happy, if a bit stinky, scene!

After a check-up at the Riverside Veterinary Centre in Abergavenny the kitten was then neutered. All the staff there fell in love with the bewildered boy and one of the nurses, Devan Hunt decided to adopt him!

Naturally he's called Dusty and is doing well in his new home.