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Willow the leak detector!

12 January 2012
Willow the leak detector! Willow, a lovely, laid back, tabby & white female was recently homed to Delphine & Chris Morris in Monmouth after being fostered for some time by Lynne Batten. She settled into her new home immediately and behaved as if she had always lived there.
Willow seemed to like sitting below the water heater in the kitchen and took a great interest in it - she would sit there staring at the wall with her head moving from side to side. Delphine & Chris were puzzled by Willow's strange behaviour and wondered what it was that attracted her to this particular bit of wall! Eventually they had to try to solve the mystery and decided to remove that bit of wall to see what the attraction was. When they did, they were amazed to find a leak in the water pipe at that precise spot! They had no idea that they had a water leak and had Willow not discovered it, it could have led to a major flood in the kitchen! Delphine & Chris are delighted that Willow was so vigilant and they are so pleased that they adopted her, not only because she is such a lovely little cat, but because she has also turned out to be quite a talented leak detector!