We are looking for the following volunteers:
  • Fundraisers. We desperately need people who can help out with our stalls and other fundraising events. If you can spare an hour or two please a few weekends a year please do get in touch.
  • Fosterers. We are looking for experienced cat owners to be fosterers. You must be willing to accommodate a cattery-style cabin in your garden to house single or pairs of cats who are awaiting rehoming. As well as caring for the cats to Cats Protection's standards (all expenses are paid) you will have to welcome potential adopters. This is very rewarding work but is quite a commitment and the cost of the cabins and installation means it is a substantial investment for us, so we would want to be sure you can take this on for a reasonable period of time.
  • Speakers. We give talks to local clubs and societies, and to school groups. These mostly take place during the day. We are looking for people who can help with this. Support materials and plenty of guidance are available.