What we do

Our Branch was founded in 1993, and we now rehome about 100 cats and kittens a year. We rely on our small brave band of fosterers, volunteers, sponsors and supporters and run the Branch with a small committee. We raise most of our income from donations, membership and cabin sponsorship fees, adoption fees and our fundraising, and some years receive a modest discretionary grant from Cats Protection national organisation.

Cats and kittens awaiting rehoming are fostered by our volunteers throughout the area and housed in sponsored Cat Cabins. We provide for their veterinary care and rehabilitation while they are with us, and before they can be adopted we vaccinate, neuter/spay and microchip them if they are old enough. All cats are vet checked. We find new caring homes for them, and look after long term those very few we cannot rehome.

As well as rehoming unwanted cats and kittens, we can help with neutering costs for cats whose owners are on low incomes. See also our Lost and Found page.