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News about Ashes and Jade

20 March 2013
News about Ashes and Jade My how time flies! Sorry Bette and Alan for not sending something sooner. Adam and Alice (now known as Ashes and Jade) came to us in July last year (2012) and our world has been havoc ever since. They are mischievous and naughty, but cute and very much loved, both are beautiful and have wrapped us around their little paws. I have attached pics from January this year, you can see how much they have grown. Ashes is bigger than Jade, but she soon puts him in his place. Both are very loving cats in their own way, Ashes is a lap cat who meows for a cuddle and a tummy tickle, Jade will bring toys to play with and sneaks a quick sit on your lap on her terms. Can't believe they are nearly a year old. Hope all their siblings are as happy as these two appear to be.