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News about Winston

24 December 2013
News about Winston

I was browsing your website and noticed you have a cat's we've helped section, so I thought I'd get in touch about our cat Winston. If I remember rightly, he was one of the group of kittens that appeared in the news after a rescue mission in Leeds of a house overrun with cats approximately 13 years ago. My brother and I chose him aged 5 & 6 at the time, and have grown up with Winston, who has been such a fantastic and enriching element of our childhood!

He is still with us now, although he is a slowing down a bit, he is very well and happy! He loves living with our 3 bulldogs and is definitely able to hold his own with them! Winston is a incredibly individual cat having many dog like habits that never fail to amuse us, including coming on walks and queuing up every evening to eat his food from a dog bowl the same as our bulldogs! He really is a great cat, and I would like to to thank you (only a decade late :P ) for giving us to opportunity to adopt him!