Welfare volunteers have a vital role to play in helping alleviate cat welfare and community problems especially in uncontrolled cat populations. Feral and abandoned cats present a huge challenge for Cats Protection. They are often the offspring of stray and abandoned domestic cats and are found in both urban and rural parts of the District.

Amongst other things, welfare volunteers are involved in our TNR (Trapping, Neutering and Returning) programme. They trap feral cats using humane traps and take them to a local vet to be neutered. Feral mothers with very young kittens may be fostered until the kittens are weaned – the kittens are socialised and homed and the mother is neutered and returned to her original community.

The role may also include:

  • Regular feeding of feral colonies
  • Liaising with landowners, local businesses, farmers and local communities to promote neutering in their area
  • Working closely with other members of the team and local vets to arrange neutering