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Please read the following in conjunction with reference to the map below. Beware Sat-Nav anomalies when routing from the A3 and/or passing under the A3 - use the Map!

When travelling from the London direction: exit the A3 at the Hazel Grove Interchange junction; move left in the final stretch of the Hindhead Tunnel, the Interchange slip road access is only a very short distance after exiting the tunnel southbound. At the top of the Interchange slip road, turn right at the roundabout and cross above the A3, turn left at the second roundabout - the turn is immediately after the A3 northbound slip exit for the Hazel Grove Interchange. Thereafter, follow the road paralleling the A3 until you reach the expanded area of the map below. Pass under the A3 and the Haslemere Centre is located as indicated by the Yellow Block.

Access when travelling northbound from the Portsmouth direction: is available via the slip road to Bramshott, if that is missed, proceed to the Hazel Grove Interchange and turn hard left at the top of the slip road and join the route as above.

Arriving using the A287 from the Haslemere or Hindhead Area: the Map is not representative, there being 2 turn-offs from the A287 at relatively shallow angles. Both roads off the A287 to access Woolmer Hill Road are difficult to see in advance and are narrow. Approaching from Haslemere, the turn-off is initially Critchmere Hill, take care to anticipate opposing traffic on the narrow road. Approaching from Hindhead, a 'Brown Sign' indicating 'The Edge' is positioned a short distance before the turn, which is also Critchmere Hill but a different leg. The turn is particularly difficult to see and hardly looks like a road, again anticipate opposing traffic. Critchmere Hill is initially narrow and parked cars reduce the available road width by a half. At the Royal Oak Pub, Woolmer Hill Road commences and there is a winding hill climb to negotiate, followed by several speed-humps before the cross roads adjacent to Haslemere Centre are reached.

Location MapA higher definition Location Map, along with additional detail, can be viewed, printed or saved by following the link below. If the link fails, please Right-Click the link and use the 'Save Target/Link as' option.
When approaching from the South, access to the Entrance is on the right just beyond the cross-roads; look for the Cats Protection sign.