Merlin & Loki's Tail of Success

Merlin and Loki - A Year On

Hello all,

Well, I can’t believe it, but a year has passed already! And what an incredible year it’s been!?

The boys have settled in completely and to say that they rule the roost would be an understatement. Despite having a room all to themselves (for which my friends never let me hear the end of it) they still have free reign of the house. Their personalities have most definitely come to the surface, and my goodness, what personalities they have.

    Merlin is still just as cunning and mischievous as he was when he first came home. He is undoubtedly the biggest attention-seeker and loves nothing more than to have his photo taken - it’s almost as though he knows the camera is pointing at him and poses deliberately. He is also a little crazy, and loves doing acrobatics on the banister, whilst at other times attempting to fit in to any box, no matter how small. He also, somehow, manages to get himself under a duvet at any given opportunity.

Loki is more placid. He loves snooping around and always wants to know what’s going on. You are lucky if you get to go to the toilet without him following you. He also has the biggest appetite which means that, sadly, he can’t quite manage the banister with the same grace the Merlin does, but he will perform nonetheless. He’s probably the more dominant one, as he has been known to terrorise Merlin on occasion, not least that he usually manages to secure the prime location on my lap. Despite his domineering personality, he does ultimately love his brother unabashedly, and they’re often curdled up together in the most adorable fashion.

They are both still quite timid and will often go running for cover when they hear the doorbell ring. But as time has gone by, their confidence has increased, and they are often found coming down to visit any guests once they feel comfortable. They are most definitely happy going outside now and enjoy nothing more than rolling around in the sunshine and going off exploring.

Bizarrely, they love what has come to be known as ‘tummy scrubs’ - having their bellies tickled. I’ve never known a cat who enjoys that or would allow you to get away with a hand intact if you tried! Also, Loki enjoys being held like a baby. They’re just fantastically mental.

My favourite aspect of having them still remains that they will come to bed and/or snuggle on the sofa of an evening and keep me warm throughout the night. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with two beautiful faces looking at you longingly. I have been very fortunate in having neighbours who have kindly looked after the boys when I’ve gone on holiday, and it’s a godsend that they love cats as much as I. The only trouble about going away, however, is that I miss them terribly. That said, the joy of returning home and the welcome back you receive is unmatched; albeit that it may be after a short period of getting the cold shoulder.

I find that there is nothing better than getting home after a long day to find my two gorgeous boys waiting to say “hello“. Their little chirps of excitement and bounding around with glee never fail to bring a smile to my face. I love them more than I ever thought possible and they are inextricably intertwined in my life. For me to have a conversation without them cropping up is unheard of. I couldn’t imagine being without them and they mean the absolute world to me. The love that they give knows no bounds and I love them back in equal measure. Thank you once again. I really cannot express enough gratitude for your having done such a wonderful job and giving me the chance to care for these two fabulously weird and wonderful felines.

Wishing you all the best,

Andrew, Merlin and Loki XxX