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Can you help Spencer?

06 August 2019
Can you help Spencer?


Can you help poor little Spencer?

When he was found, Spencer had a noticeable limp and an open, infected wound in the groin region. He was also in pain on his right hind leg.

After referral to a specialist vets, X-rays showed he had a fracture to the top of his right femur, the large thigh bone, where it articulates with the hip joint. It’s hard to say how Spencer ended up with his injuries but there is the possibility that he could have been shaken by a dog.

Spencer has needed some complex surgery on his hip to stabilise the joint. He will be continuing to receive veterinary care over the coming weeks with regular check-ups.

The treatment and medication required to heal and support Spencer back to health will cost our centre £1800.

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Any funds raised above and beyond our target will be used to help other cats and kittens in our care at Haslemere Adoption Centre.