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Fundraising for Bill!

20 November 2019
Fundraising for Bill!

Will you help us to cover the cost of Bill’s treatment and others like him who so desperately need our care and support?

Bill is an older cat who was found straying in the Haslemere area in September. We initially found that poor old Bill had an ear infection in both ears, but after further investigation we discovered that he also had a benign polyp inside one ear which was causing him some serious discomfort. Polyps can affect hearing and balance in cats, so it was important that we helped Bill to feel better as soon as possible.

He’s recently had treatment costing over £800 including: an operation to remove the polyp, medication to heal his ear infection and he’s been neutered. He’s a very fine feline indeed, but it’s hard to say exactly when he will be ready for adoption as it depends on healing time. When Bill is ready to find a new home, he will need a quiet adult only home with no other pets.

To donate to Bill’s care, click here