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Looking to keep your cat entertained indoors during the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19)? Here are our top tips.

5 ways to help your cat adjust to their new environment

If your cat usually goes outdoors, keeping it confined indoors (although it may be necessary) might leave them feeling stressed or frustrated. Keeping your cat physically and mentally stimulated is essential to their wellbeing. To help them adjust to their temporary indoor life, you might want to try:

  1. investing in a new toy, if you can. Fishing rod toys are perfect for mentally stimulating your cat as well as having lots of fun
  2. making your own enrichment feeder. They are excellent boredom busters and make cats ‘work’ for their food too
  3. providing your cat with a sturdy scratching post to avoid them scratching at your furniture
  4. allowing them a place to hide – especially now that you’re likely to be in the house all day. Try a cardboard box or snuggly bed on a high shelf
  5. using synthetic pheromones to keep your cat calm. A plug-in diffuser, such as FELIWAY®CLASSIC can help to keep them content in times of stress
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