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Is there a right time to get another cat following the death of your pet? Read our advice on coping with bereavement.

Getting another cat

While you might be grieving after the death of your cat, the decision to get another cat is entirely personal. You might find that you want to adopt another one almost immediately, or wait until you have come to terms with your loss.

Coping with pet bereavement

Losing a pet is a difficult experience, so don't rush yourself to grieve quickly. You're likely to go through a mixture of emotions - from sadness to loneliness and even anger. This is normal and all part of the process of coming to terms with your loss.

It can often be helpful to talk to someone who understands your feelings. For support, take a look at the grief and loss section of our website.

You can also contact Paws to Listen, our designated grief telephone service by calling 0800 024 94 94.

The decision to get another cat

The decision to get another cat might be simple, or more difficult, depending on how you feel. If your cat has had an infectious illness, bear in mind that your vet may advise you on how to reduce the risk of infection remaining in your home.

Try to remember that, just like humans, cats are individuals. Although your relationship with your new cat is likely to be rewarding, they will not be the same as your previous cat and this can take some getting used to. If you're ready to welcome another cat into your home, take a look at our guide on adopting a cat.

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