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09 July 2018

My name is Bella. I came into this world on 12 March 2018. My mum's name was Fleur. Unfortunately she was a bit of a good time gal, and I have never been told who my dad is. Anyway, as I said earlier, I came into the world on 12 March together with three sisters and two brothers, Since mum was a bit down on her luck we were all sent off to live with a nice lady called Maxine. We knew this was very much a temporary arrangement until I had a chance to choose which humans would be allowed to cater to my every whim and need. Anyway, after a week or so at Maxine's this nice couple came along to see me. Obviously, being such a cute kitten. I was certain to be the centre of attention, but for some reason this couple devoted an inordinate amount of time to a couple of my sisters. It was obvious, of course that I was the star attraction, so I thought, let the other two enjoy their few minutes – little did I know!

So roll the clock forward a couple of days, and I am waiting with my bag packed for my new slaves, sorry owners, when suddenly I realise that I am sharing my travel cabin with my sisters – hhm a bit of a miscalculation there. I thought I would deal with that later. Anyway, after an incredibly long journey stuck in a carry box with my sisters, we arrived at my new home – next time I will travel Business Class that's for sure.

Anyway, I digress. We arrived at my new home and I slowly but surely started to look around. The slaves had kindly provided me with a nice room with nicely furnished sleeping quarters. They also provided room service with food and drink awaiting and I had lots of toys to keep me amused. Unfortunately I became aware that I was expected to share all of this with my two sisters, called Poppy & Fleur. They are OK I guess, but it does mean that I will only get a third of the attention that I really deserve. I set about looking cute just to bend the slaves to my wishes, In a way, having the other two here was a good move since there were 3 levels of cuteness leaving new slaves goggle eyed and cooing. 

All in all, all seemed to be purrfect in my new world – boy was I in for a surprise. Poppy, Fleur and I were settling in to our new pad. All in all, it seemed that we had landed, very comfortably on our paws. Good food, nice bed, light and airy room, plenty of toys and a well-covered litter tray. Add to that two cooing slaves and what could possibly go wrong. Unfortunately this air of calm tranquillity was rather swiftly shattered by Molly. OK, so who is this Molly I hear you ask. Well after an hour or so of me looking cute and entertaining the slaves, Mr Slave leaves the room – without my permission I have to add. 

A couple of minutes later he re-appears carrying what can only be described as a hissing spitting furball – meet Molly 19 years of venom wrapped up in one cat. Evidently Molly has been bossing the slaves since she was our age and did not take kindly to us invading her turf. I wandered over to say hello and got a whack around the chops for my trouble. So I scooted off to hide behind Mrs Slave. Immediate action was obviously required so I sent Poppy out to open up negotiations – she was back within three seconds – bloomin’ coward. Of course Fleur was nowhere to be seen having realised that she who fights and runs away lives to run another day! Meanwhile this feline fiend was hissing and growling away – this is going to be hard work I said to myself. I felt about as welcome as a bacon sandwich at a Jewish wedding.

Well as you can expect, this put a bit of a damper on the proceedings. Matters were not improved by yours truly making a heroic flying leap from where I was in the general direction of the chair upon which Mr Slave was sitting. I realised mid-flight that I was not going to make a successful landing so I extended my emergency landing gear, a.k.a my claws, and dug in deep. Unfortunately Mr Slave was wearing shorts at the time, so rather than hanging on to clothing, I was jammed in to a rather chubby leg. Well I have to say I heard some words that I had never come across before (I will look them up when I learn to read) & at quite some volume. The fact that Mrs Slave was howling with laughter at Mr Slave’s obvious discomfort did not seem to help Mr Slave’s mood and he and hissing Molly made their way out of the room. Molly upon her departure looked back and gave me her best Arnie (I’ll be back) stare. This is something that will need to be dealt with I thought.

Well you would have thought that would be end of surprises, but no, there was more to come. Upon which cliffhanger, I will leave you biting your fingernails in anticipation.

Until next time …………… Bella