House a mouser

21 July 2019

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly rodent control service for your stables, garden centre, factory, farm or small holding? Look no further – our working cats are just waiting to pounce on the right opportunity! We often know of feral or semi-feral cats which are unable to be socialised as pets, but that can still earn their keep by simply acting on their natural instincts. They do not crave affection or attention and are perfectly happy to go about their ‘jobs’ as ...

Whose stray is it, anyway?

01 June 2018

Whose stray is it, anyway? Thousands of cats go missing each year, and knowing what to do with a found or stray cat could mean the difference between a happy reunion or a sad separation for their owner. Watch our video to find out more.Do you know what to do with a lost cat? A recent survey found that only 42% of people would check for a collar to reunite the cat with its owner. Only 20% would even think to take the cat to a vet to check for a microchip. This National Microchipping Month, we ...

Pawsome Tea

07 March 2018

We’re inviting cat lovers and cake eaters across the county to join with family and friends in holding their own tea party. Bake or buy some tasty treats, grab a cuppa and get your friends, family and colleagues to donate some money to help cats and kittens in need. You can receive your free pack at From bunting and cake flags to recipes and baking inspiration, you’ll have everything you need to make your event the cat’s whiskers....