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Eight Precious Weeks

16 November 2021
Eight Precious Weeks

Some kittens are being sold online for profit too soon. They're being torn apart from their mums before they're even eight weeks old. This isn't just upsetting, it is also life threatening.

Unscrupulous kitten selling has to stop. Take our Kitten Care Quiz so you don't get caught by the big kitten con.

To help us care for kittens facing uncertain futures, please donate to Cats Protection today. Help us always be there for the most vulnerable kittens. If you would like to donate to this appeal you can do so here

When a kitten is taken from their mother too young, not only does this break the most precious bond, it can have dire consequences for their behaviour, health and survival.

These little ones may need round-the-clock urgent medical care, warmth and much-needed love. But we can't do this alone. For more information on this appeal, please take a look at this link