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Older cats aren't always sedate!

09 February 2016
Older cats aren Contrary to belief older cats arent always sleeping all day! Missy came to the Adoption Centre after her owner didn't feel safe looking after her anymore. Missy was too active, she kept rubbing around her owners feet.
Since being at the Centre we have found that Missy loves to play with her dangly fish, you can see her playing with it on a video on our Facebook page. Sadly, Missy is being overlooked because of her age and colour, she is only 15 years old but she also black. As we know black cats are overlooked a lot, which is why we now have national Black Cat Day. 
Elderly cats do sometimes need a little extra care, you can find out a little more by reading the Cats Protection leaflet on elderly cats. Missy deserves a loving home for the rest of her life, not to be in Cats Protection's care, even though we all love her we think she deserves a little more. Missy isn't keen on other cats, so would prefer a home on her own. If you think you can offer Missy a home for the rest of her life please contact the Centre