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Do something amazing with your free time and be there for the cats and kittens of Hereford Adoption Centre

Without volunteers, Hereford Cats Protection simply wouldn't exist. Our wonderful volunteers are a diverse group with a shared love of cats who fit volunteering around their home lives and personal commitments. Whether minutes or months, days or decades, any time you kindly give to volunteering in Hereford AC will improve the lives of the cats and kittens in the local community. You can see our current vacancies below or search for an opportunity here.

Why should I volunteer at Hereford AC?

You'll learn new skills and gain valuable experience, meet brilliant people and make a positive difference to cats and kittens in Hereford. Our volunteers love what they do and we're confident you will too.

Full support, guidance and role-specific training is provided, and we reimburse out-of-pocket expenses. You can find out more about volunteering at Cats Protection here.

Volunteering vacancies at Hereford AC

Kitten hand-rearing volunteer

Across the UK, we have volunteers helping to hand-rear kittens who have either lost their mother, been abandoned, or their mum is just too sick to look after them. This is a very hands-on role providing every aspect of care a kitten needs; including hand-feeding approx. every two hours day and night, medicating, socialising, toileting and weaning on to solid food. You will be providing excellent care and a great start in life for kittens who will then go on to be re-homed by our adoption centre. We will be with you every step of the way providing training, information, equipment and support. So if you have experience in handling kittens or have a veterinary nursing or animal welfare background then this extremely rewarding role may be for you!

Closing date: 08 Aug 2022