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Every now and again we have a special cat that needs an extra special home:

  • It might be an older cat who needs a new home for its retirement.
  • It might be a cat with a medical condition that needs regular treatment.
  • it might be a very scared cat that needs someone with patience to gain its trust.

But quite often, it's simply a cat that has spent the longest time in our care, without a home of its own.

All of these types of special cats have love to give and deserve a special home. 

When you are adopting a cat, take the time to meet the scared ones, the shy ones, the ones that don't stick out to you. The ones that hide behind their bed, under their blanket, or in their litter tray. The ones that hiss, the ones that scratch, the ones that cower, shake and cry and look at you in confusion. The ones with boring colours or missing limbs.  The older ones, the frail ones.  The ones who seem beyond repair, the ones who seem to have given up. 

Because they are not, and they haven't. They just need someone like you. 

And sometimes, you might just need them too.

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