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Thrown out with the rubbish

24 January 2010
Thrown out with the rubbish

Sunday 10th January 2010 was a very cold day with snow and ice on all the road. Everyone at the Hillingdon Branch of Cats Protection intended to stay in the warmth. Unfortunately, our plans changed when we read our email.

We were contacted by a lady in Hayes who had found a box containing a mother cat and her 5 kittens by her Communal rubbish bins. The kind samaritan took the cats back to her home despite being severely allergic to them but now desparately needed a home for them. Janet, our co-ordinator, spent the morning making phone calls to find someone to foster the cats and then rushed round to pick them up and drop them off at the fosterers.

At the fosterer's house, the cats were assessed. Mum was a pretty tabby cat but very ill with an upset tummy. The kittens all looked healthy. They were all tabby with white paws, they are only 5 weeks old. On Monday everyone went to the vets. The mother cat, now called Kitty, was much better. The vet said her illness could have been shock bought on by being dumped outside in the freezing weather. The kittens were all healthy and turned out to be 4 boys and 1 girl.

Kitty and the kittens are very friendly and will be looking for a new home is about 3 weeks time. In the meantime they have got an active social life. They all need to have their photos taken so that they can go on the website, they need to visit the vet for their vaccinations and microchipping. When Kitty has finished feeding the kittens, she will then be neutered.

Update, Kitty and her family have all been adopted and are happy in their new homes