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In order to help ever more cats and kittens, the Branch is actively seeking more fosterers who live within the Hillingdon Borough area or possibly close to same.

If you have a spare room in which to accommodate a cat and/or kittens (if you have pets of your own the CP cats/kittens have to be kept separate) and you are a car driver - this to enable the cat or kitten to be taken to a designated Veterinary Clinic should the need arise, then we would love to hear from you.

The Branch provides food, litter etc and veterinary care and we take you through the rehoming procedures and associated paperwork.

You can come along and meet some of our existing fosterers and have a ‘trial’ period fostering if you so wish.

If you would like to help please fill in contact form. The webpage is http://www.hillingdon.cats.org.uk/hillingdon/contact-us
We hold fund raising events every couple of months. We are always looking for help.

We sell knitted toys at our fund raising events. They are always popular. If you are interested, I can email a few patterns to you.

Socializing cats/kittens and helping to clean the pen units occurs in West Drayton at 12.00pm Saturdays. If you would like to spend an hour of your time helping out please fill in contact form. The webpage is http://www.hillingdon.cats.org.uk/hillingdon/contact-us
Spare time on your hands, weekdays, evenings, weekends. We are looking for people to take cats to the vets, help clean pen units during changeovers, to help with fund raising. Alternatively, if you are a carpenters, painter or electricians our outdoor pens occasionally need to be repaired.