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Rat poison

14 September 2014
RAT POISON - My neighbours dog nearly died last week. A week at the ...vet with great veterinary care and over £2000 has saved him. The reason is awful, we have just found out from blood tests that he ingested rat poison. We live in a converted barn and have a few neighbours but we all have loads of animals from cats and dogs to horses and poultry and ducks. The dog was seen eating something in a nearby ditch but that night when his owners came back from work the house was covered in blood. It works by causing the rat to bleed to death very slowly and it would appear the dead rat ended up in a ditch and the dog decided this was a tasty snack. That's dogs for you! He is getting better but the vet has warned of long term problems. Please think twice about using this horrible product. Please pass on to friends and family.