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Thinking of getting a kitten?

14 June 2022
Thinking of getting a kitten? When you take on a kitten you are taking responsibility for a pet which may be with you for an average of 14 years, and often longer. Most people want a cat which is confident and happy to be around people. How you choose a kitten can have a great effect on both the welfare of the cat throughout its life, and your enjoyment of having it as a pet.

Our kitten checklist looks at what you can find out even before you visit the kitten, what to research and what to look for when you visit the kitten. The questions are a guide and prompt you to find out important things which could affect your kitten’s health and wellbeing, and your future relationship with it. Answers suggesting caution may not be a reason to refuse to take a kitten, but it can inform you about what to expect or what you may need to do if you take the kitten home (eg, vaccination, neutering, worming). A brief explanation tells you why finding out these things is important.