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A Truly Inspirational Story

07 May 2019
A Truly Inspirational Story
For most of my life I have suffered with my mental health, anxiety struck me at quite a young age... I went though life thinking I was just a "worrier".
 It took a complete mental breakdown in January for me to come to terms with what was wrong with me... 
Admitting to myself that I suffered with Anxiety was so hard and medication and therapy was only getting me so far.... 
I've always wanted a cat and never had the power within me to do it. One evening in March, while browsing on the Cats Protection website, I came across this beautiful boy and something in me felt that I needed him in my life... 
The only cat I've ever applied for. 

The very next day I got a phone call from a lovely lady called Julia and she said I could go and visit him! So I arranged to meet Chris.. his fosterer....Seeing Dusty for the first time was love at first sight... for both of us and the rest is history! 
That was when I was at the worst of my breakdown and I feel he came to me just in time. 
Dusty has saved me... given me a purpose...and given me more love and affection that I ever expected! 
He has opened so many doors for me since he arrived in our home. 
Dusty is always there and I feel so very lucky that he chose me......
So you see... he isn't "just a cat" he represents so much more than that!
I can't praise the Cats Protection staff and volunteers enough... My experience of going through the adoption process has been wonderful! 
Thankyou for bringing Dusty into my life xx