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Another stray rescued, Brenda calls us after reading Catch-up

27 October 2017

“Hello, a stray cat’s been eating the food I leave out for the foxes, can you help?”  These were my opening words to the first of many rescue centres that I contacted.  I was advised by a well-known one that they could only trap, neuter and return at the moment and that I would be put on their waiting list.  This was at the end of August and I’m still waiting!  Others simply said that there was no room at the Inn and to try elsewhere.  The ultimate classic?  One put me in touch with their rescuer who lived in my area and we finally set a date.  However, I was simply amazed to open the door to be confronted by a woman dangling a trap in one hand and clutching three dogs in the other!  Long story short?  The rescue didn’t happen…  So, I was back to square one.


Within a day or two the Autumn edition of Catch-up landed in my inbox.  “It’s a sign” I said (I’m a bit like that!).  I emailed and was put in touch with Alison.  After two “no shows” “Puss” appeared and we heard the welcome clang of the trap which was music to our ears.  


As the saying goes “rescuing one cat might not change the World, but it will change the World for that cat”.  I’m so relieved that “Puss” is now in safe hands and on his way to a good home