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Daisy and Dot

12 September 2019
Daisy and Dot
We adopted 6 month old sisters Daisy and Dot on the 19th August. They were found as strays and taken to a foster home.  With the love and determination of their foster mum they are now well on the road to becoming great family cats.  


The adoption process is really simple. Cats Protection walk you through the whole thing and continue to offer helpful advice and assistance even after you've taken your cat home.


First we visited Daisy and Dot in their foster home. We caught a glimpse of them hiding under the armchair and combined with the detailed description of them, we fell in love. Next the homing officer visited us to make sure we were the right family for the girls. Then we welcomed them into their new home. Later, when I took our cats for their second vaccinations, their foster mum even came along to help me.


For the first few days, Daisy and Dot were really skittish, we barely saw them and they didn't eat much. 
However, three weeks later it feels as though we've always had our cats. Now Dot happily comes to us for strokes and we're working to help her feel confident enough to sit on our laps.  Daisy is still skittish if you approach her, but is happy to snuggle and play with her sister. They're here for keeps so we have plenty of time to gain her trust and convince her that we're okay. 


Thank you Cats Protection and foster mum, we're a very happy family.