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Leia and Luna

15 August 2019
We received this lovely story from the family who adopted April and Breeze from us

We adopted our 2 beautiful cats at the end of July last year. The adoption process was easy enough and everyone involved was so helpful. We met the cats at the foster home prior to their adoption. It gave us a chance to see them in their familiar environment. 
My children wanted to rename the cats so April and Breeze became Leia and Luna. 
When they came home to live with us they were obviously very scared. They hid a lot. They weren’t interested in eating or drinking. We decided to leave them to get used to the place and us. We kept the food and water topped up and checked on them every so often. 
It took about a week for them to feel comfortable around us, that’s when they first came and sat with my husband and I on the sofa in the evening.
Since then they have settled in so well. They love attention, so they always want to be stroked or snuggle up with us or each other. They play together, they groom each other, they sleep snuggled up together. They’re an absolute joy. They’re good hunters. We’ve had to stop Leia a couple of times as she’s come indoors with a mouse and a frog! It’s hard not to love them. They are a huge part of our family and adopting them was one of the best decisions we have made.