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Second Chance for Squirrel

08 November 2019
Update: A Second Chance for a Cat called Squirrel
You may remember back in January, we told you about a bedraggled stray cat who was found in a playhouse in the playground at Squirrel’s Heath Infant school in Romford.  He was named Squirrel after the school and the children made him some lovely Get Well cards.
At the time Squirrel was emaciated and suffering from a heart problem and severe arthritis. He was adopted by Kathleen, one of the fosterers who helped to rescue him.  With her love and care, Squirrel soon gained weight and his coat was once again shiny and healthy. 
Recently Kathleen got in touch with an update. A few weeks ago she was shocked to find Squirrel in a dreadful state.  He was unable to walk, his head was tilted to one side and his pupils were very dilated.  Kathleen rushed him straight to the vet. Squirrel had suffered a bleed behind his eye which had left him blind.  His head was tilted because he was disorientated and he was unable to support himself or walk.  Squirrel's condition was critical and he was put on a drip and given oxygen for 3 days.  He had to be spoon fed and cleaned as he couldn't use a litter tray.  Kathleen visited him every day until the difficult decision was made to put Squirrel to sleep.
As Kathleen sat in tears awaiting the worst, thankfully there was a last minute reprieve for Squirrel. The vet had seen this condition previously, caused by high blood pressure.  He checked and found Squirrel's blood pressure was extremely high, so decided to delay taking any drastic action and see how Squirrel responded to blood pressure tablets.  Soon after Kathleen took Squirrel home but had to monitor him carefully as he would not survive another bleed.  Over the next two days, she spent 24 hours a day nursing him devotedly.  Squirrel is making progress and his eyesight is now expected to recover slowly. Next week he is even expecting some special visitors - two kind teachers from the school where he was found have kept in touch with Kathleen so they could follow his progress.
Kathleen told us: "He is my little fighter. Squirrel is walking around now, using a litter tray, eating on his own and has already regained some sight.  He so deserves this after all he's been through.  There's still a long way to go with regular vet checks, heart tablets, pain medication, water tablets, blood pressure tablets and potassium liquid.  But Squirrel is still purring and enjoying his second chance at life."
What a heartwarming story of a spirited cat's brave fight for life.  We all wish Squirrel the very best for the future.