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Inverness Cat Poisonings

28 January 2015
Inverness Cat Poisonings

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Cat Protection attended a meeting on 28th January at the Culloden Library in connection with the deaths of several cats in the Culloden area within a relatively short period of time.  There was an excellent turn out, both charity members, Police, Local Councillor Glynis Sinclair and the General Public.  It was heart warming to see so many people come out in support of yet another incident in which a cat has lost its life due to antifreeze our heartfelt sorrow to the owners of the beautiful Cleo who put up such a strong fight but in the end sadly was put to sleep.

We have been asked for everyone to keep their eyes and ears open to anything that they may see or hear and report this to either the Police or the SSPCA.  If you come across any containers with substances of any kind that you are unsure of again contact the Police or the SSPCA.

We have a good network for communication and this is what we are been asked to use. Hopefully we will get information which will help put an end to this horrific crime. 

In and around Hazel Avenue is a network of streets and pathways along the burn and people are been asked to be extra vigilant when out walking as this effects not only cats but dogs, birds and humans.

If we all work together and communicate with the Police & SSPCA they might get the final pieces of the jigsaw to end this.

Please also note that there is a petition going round to sign up to change the law to ban all antifreeze preparations unless they contain a bitterant. Please sign this petition and help stop the loss of our pets.