2013 Lulu

LuluSeptember 2013 I was lucky enough to go along to a Cats Protection fosterer in Inverness to see a very special cat called Lulu. Me being a big softy I felt sorry for the poor elderly girl who was 12 and had been with CP for quite some time after her owner had to move abroad, possibly having been overlooked for her age. I had been warned that Lulu had taken quite some time to settle in the cattery when I took her home so I expected a rough couple of weeks while she adjusted to our home – which was okay as I’ve had cats all my life. Cats Protection kindly let me adopt her, even though this was my first Cats Protection cat of my own after my family cats.

Surprise surprise – within 24 hours she was walking around our home like she owned the place. Rather unexpectedly, this little old lady was the most friendly, playful and cuddly cat both my fiance.and I have had, loving nothing more than to snuggle up on a lap while watching the TV. She loved to make sure she was in the same room as us and developed a spot on our bed for sleeping – I think she was grateful to be with us! Everyone who visited was also lavished with attention by Lulu (once she’d sussed them out after 5 mins) and she was well loved by all our friends.

Sadly we lost Lulu after 14 months to cancer which nobody could have predicted as she was very well up until the end, which was very unexpected and has hit me very hard. However, I am glad to have given this very special cat a home for the last year and a bit of her life and would urge others to consider giving a home to an older cat – they have lots of love and cuddles to give.