Alfie (Sep 2012)

This is me Alfie 5 months old, a very kind lady from CP found me and my brothers in a shed located outside Dores. A very kind lady had been feeding my Mum and then discovered the three musketeers. We were all a little hiss spitty to begin with, but after sometime of love and attention we all warmed to the humans that now were our slaves!

I have been adopted by a lovely couple who already have an older cat called Bella, I am not quite sure what she made of me but I was pleased to see her. There is nothing better than chasing her up the stairs but sometimes she likes to put me in my place. I really can’t complain as I have all the love and attention I will ever need here even the Grandparents have come round to me, guess its my good looks eh.

I will keep you posted as times goes by but I just want to say thank you for adopting me and giving me my forever home in warmth and comfort.

Lots of love and purrrrs Alfie McTavishxx