Bru (Oct 2011)

We adopted darling Bru from you on 2nd October and brought him home here to a house already full with six cats and a lovely big Chow Chow dog.  He gave us a right fright the night after he arrived as he managed to slip out the window which had opened to the safety catch by the wind.   Hearts down to boots - thought he was away.   I stayed up with the same window thrown open as wide as it would go.   He slipped effortlessly back in the window at 4 a m.  He has settled in very well and now even the dog is no threat.  He loves to sleep on the bed (and even under it) during the day but likes to go out in the evening time.  He seems to be quite happy to stay round about the house which is great.   He is a gorgeous big cuddly, loveable boy  and we are so happy to have been able to adopt him.