Glitter (Jun 2012)

While looking online and trying to decide whether it was a good idea to get a new play buddy for our cat Mitzi we stumbled across Glitter on the site and thought wow what a lovely looking cat. So after a bit of thought we decided to adopt her into our household and it was the best idea yet, she has cheered up Mitzi know end who was in mourning. Glitter has fitted in very well and its only been a week, she is the most adorable loving cat who loves nothing but being petted infact while trying to type this she is nuzzleing in for attention. Her & Mitzi are getting on very well which we didn’t think would happen as quick as it did, we only had to separate them  for one night and now Mitzi follows her about like a shadow.  We also find that Glitter is really good around our 3 month old daughter  and likes to nuzzle into her feet at times which gets a big smile but doesn’t clamber all over her which is really reassuring. All in all we are very happy with her and look forward to many years of happiness.

        Laura ,Mark & Mya