Katy (Nov 2011)

We got 6 year old Katy at the end of November 2011 and she has proved herself to be the most wonderful addition to our household. We decided to keep her in the house for the first month to get her used to us and her surroundings before letting her have access outside into the garden. It was with some trepidation that we sat and waited for her to return as we had no idea of her true nature, but she popped back through the cat flap about 30 minutes later much to our relief looking like she'd done this all her life. Since then, I truly don't think she's ventured outside the range of our garden and seems happy to sit on the windowsill watching the world knowing she can come and go whenever she wants.

She's a lovely cat that suits our household perfectly, there's no children or other pets and we're at home with her quite a bit. I don't think she'd like to share her affections any more than she does at the moment, I think she enjoys being an only cat. Katy still loves her own bed that she arrived with snuggled up by the radiator but will often curl up at the foot of my bed overnight where she sleeps peacefully. She loves rubbing around people's ankles, which makes visitors to our house feel most welcomed. She's absolutely everything we could've hoped for in a cat, it's been a pleasure to give her a home, she's enriched our home with her presence.

Lorraine & George