I lost my dear cat Megan, who had been a rescue cat a few days before going on holiday,  both my husband and myself were devastated, but knew that we most certainly wanted another, so we went on to the Internet in the hope that we would see another, as soon as Robbie's picture popped up we knew he was for us, so we approached the Cat's Protection Inverness, and offered him a home, and were so happy when they said we could have him.  As we were going away they kept him until we came back, and we picked him up that night as soon as we returned home. All I can say is that he is a wonderful cat, and we have all settled together, and though I miss my old girl I just love my Robbie already he is just the most delightful fellow, we have always found our cats through either the RSPCA or Cats Protection, and would recommend anyone looking for a cat first considers this way of giving a loving home to a animal I have a picture attached for you to see how well Robbie is adjusting, this was taken just one day after he came home.


I thought you would like a little update on Robbie, he is now going outside and really enjoying himself, it is so good to see as he was very frustrated at being kept in, he dosen't go very far and returns ever 15mins or so just to check that we haven't gone away and left him, we are so delighted with him, and can't tell you how much fun we are all having together I have attached a photo for you to see of him outside

 Yvonne & Robbie (Jun 2011)