Well its going on 4 months since we rehomed Smoof aka Benji, he has recently started to go outdoors, and would be out 24/7 if I would let him, but generally will go out about 9am, then will come in when I call him about 3pm.
He is becoming a very large cat, a lot of people comment on his size, as he looks larger than a fully grown cat, this is matched by his personality, he really is quite a character, everyone that comes through the door gets a very good rub against, sniff, and pawed at until they start to stroke him, rub his tummy, or pick up 1 of his toys and play. Though he likes nothing better than to curl up on my feet at the end of a day and get a long sleep and fuss or curl up next to the warm radiator.
I really can’t remember what life was like without him around, he has learnt to open the cupboard where his food and treats are kept, and there has been many a morning I have gone to the kitchen to find empty tubs of temptations!!
Christmas was certainly interesting time for him; he enjoyed climbing the tree and batting all the baubles off it and chasing them around the room.
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