When looking for a new friend online, I stumbled across the very web site that you are on now. It was there after weeks of looking for an indoor cat, I found Suzie.
She had been in a home previously, where she was well taken care of, but very scared of the younger people in the house, so her previous owners had done right by her and taken her to Cats Protection Inverness. The picture was of a slightly blurred brown fuzzy thing, but I was intrigued and wanted to meet her. She was distant and a little sad looking, but had been cared for brilliantly by Victoria and Valerie who I met that day and even though I was a little uncertain about this feline who didnt even really want me to pet her, I wanted to see if we could connect.
And here we are about a year and a half later, Suzie has come on leaps and bounds, still nervous, but we sleep in the same bed, demands that i give her lots of love when i get home from work, she likes to play and especially enjoys lounging on the top of the armchair by the window to absorb the sunlight.
I couldn't ask for a better housemate, although if she could get some income of her own that would be handy...or maybe she could do the hoovering every once in a while...