Hello there

This is Tinker here, I would just like to tell you how I am loving my new home. My new mum really spoils me and lets me do things which can be considered as quite "naughty" I guess you could say but then I always manage to win her over by singing to her in my best voice and being good for 5 mins.

I love to play lots and have a favourite toy which is really just a ball of wool but my mum throws it for me and I chase after it and bring it back to her so she can throw it again, it's great fun. My mum tells me that is what dogs do but I like to chase it so why not !!!

I also love to play outside and I have such a big garden to play in, I have so much fun exploring outdoors. I have trees to climb and garden sheds to sniff about in - so exciting.

When my mum goes to feed the birds she doesn't like me to help cos she thinks I might just fancy tasting one of them J so I have to stay inside but I watch her from the living room window.   In the evenings I love to lie in front of the open fire in the living room and stretch out for a snooze but when it gets too hot I just jump onto my Mum's lap and go back to sleep.   I have attached a photo of me having a snooze in front of the fire and also one of me snoozing in one of my beds - hope you like them. Don't you think I am very handsome !  Once I grow a wee bit bigger I shall send you some new ones so you can see just how big I am getting.

Thank you so so much for finding me such a lovely home where I get so much love and affection. My new mummy loves me so much and I love her so so much too.

Lots of purrs ...Tinker xx