Zorro had been left to fend for himself for some months when a kind member of the public got in touch asking if we could help.  We are pleased to say that Zorro has now found his new home and his new owner had dropped us a line to lets us know how he was settling in...

Yes, Zorro certainly has become the HEAD HONCHO in this household, but we adore him so who cares.!!! When we go to bed,I will settle down with my book but sometimes as my husband drifts off he tends to move his feet a lot---now him being just over 6feet tall, sometimes his feet land up being bared as the downie moves----thats when Zorro forgets his social skills and goes "in for the kill" All of a sudden you hear a howl from my husband and I try to contain my silly giggling.!!!!!    Zorro watches me like a hawk, as I go about my chores.- at bedtime he watches me cleaning my face with baby wipes before putting on some cream and as soon as my back is turned the babby wipes are swiped and hidden under our big pine bed along with any pen I have had in bed to do my crosswords and if I am unlucky, my posh reading glasses are trailed under the bed too.Like a squirrel, he gathers a stash which I have to grope under the bed for, every morning….Oh, I could go on and on to his many quirky habits.!!!

 -          With our thanks, Sandra & Hubby