The volunteers at Isle of Lewis and Harris Cats Protection Branch are delighted to announce that we are now able to take cats in to care, although we are operating at a very limited capacity.

New Committee

A brand new committee has been set up to run the branch. There is a new branch Coordinator, Sam McConnachie, who will try and keep things running smoothly, and a new Treasurer, Annalie Sinfield, who’s always happy to receive donations! Morag Smith has bravely taken on the role of Welfare and Rehoming Team Leader and has been working away over recent months in that role already. Another busy volunteer over recent months has been our new Social Media guru, Kara Tynan, who has been manning our facebook page and helping to find many a lost cat in the past few months!

In future months, our new Trapping, Neutering and Return (TNR) team will be out and about helping the island’s many semi-feral colonies and barn cats by working to keep their populations under control. We’ll also be out amongst you all soon, under the watchful eye of our Fundraising Team Leader, Eilidh Thompson. Look out for more on her fundraising projects in our News and Events sections.

New fostering and adoption system

There is now a different set up to how we take cats in to care and how you can adopt a cat. At the moment, we have a small number of fosterers in the Lewis and Harris area, who can take cats into their homes to care for them. They have a separate room dedicated to their fluffy visitors and where potential adopters can go and see them. In a few months, we hope to have brand new outdoor pens built to home even more cats.

When kittens are nearly ready to be adopted, we will put their picture and details on our website: and on our facebook page: cats protection - isle of lewis and harris branch. If you are interested in adopting a kitten or cat, just complete the form on the website's Contact Us page and we will do the rest!

Our facebook page will continue to be used to help support owners to advertise lost cats or for the islanders to let us know about potential stray cats. And our website will support cat lovers with information about cat care, as well as branch news and upcoming events.

More volunteers needed

The branch will continue to need the support of all Lewis and Harris cat lovers. Unfortunately, until we have outdoor pens, which would require cleaners and cat cuddlers, our main call for help right now is for potential indoor fosterers. If you have a spare room, which could be dedicated to fostering cats, we would be delighted to hear from you. The room needs to have a window, have all soft furnishings and window dressings removed and have linoleum flooring rather than carpet, for ease of cleaning. Cats Protection will fund the cost of installing flooring to replace existing carpeting as required. Fosterers will be provided with all the necessary equipment to look after the cats in their care.

We would also love to hear from anyone willing to have an outdoor pen. These measure 4ft wide by 13ft long and require a 3ft walkway all round. They must be situated in a safe and secure area with access to electricity, outdoor lighting and an outdoor water supply. Installation of pens and full running costs will be funded by Cats Protection and outdoor fosterers will also be provided with all the necessary equipment to look after the cats in their care.

Please contact us to discuss further, through the details on our Contact Us page or facebook page.

In the meantime, we are always delighted to receive donations, be they monetary or items such as food etc.

We look forward to working with you all to support our feline friends on Lewis and Harris.

The Isle of Lewis and Harris Cats Protection Branch committee

If you have concerns about an abandoned, sick or injured cat, please contact the SSPCA on 03000 999 999 or Old Mill vets on 01851 705900.

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