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A Happy Ending

16 December 2014
A Happy Ending For those of you who have followed us for a while you may remember he has been with us before as he had wandered away from home when his owners moved. He was reunited with them but sadly they left the Island and abandoned Pingu in the process.We have hoped for months that we would find him again and a few weeks ago he appeared again at the home of one of our volunteers, clever lad that he is.
desperately wanted this boy to find a wonderful loving home of his own where he could be spoilt rotten!!! We put out a plea to see if anyone had taken him on but no one contacted us about Pingu. We knew for sure his original owner had left the Island so that meant he was available for adoption. Despite his continued previous abandonment this boy remained affectionate and loving and enjoyed lots of cuddles in his foster home. A strange twist to this tale was that Pingu first wandered into the home of one of our volunteers on the 19th November last year and exactly a year to the day he managed to find his way back to the same house on the 19th November?
We really didn't want this boy to spend Christmas in a pen and we featured this lovely boy on our Facebook page and our website. We had to make sure this boy found his FOREVER home and was not in danger of being returned to us. Well our lovely supporters responded and one of our long standing followers offered Pingu a home. As you can see from the picture "Pingu" now called Tommy has finally found the loving, cozy home he deserves and we couldn't be more delighted for this very special boy.