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IMPORTANT MESSAGE- Management of feral cats

15 October 2014
IMPORTANT MESSAGE- Management of feral cats
Lately we have been extremely busy responding to calls and requests in relation to feral cats/kittens. We have also been subjected to a lot of verbal abuse from members of the public on this subject. So we felt it necessary to clarify our position here at Cats Protection with regards to feral cats.
Feral cats are classed as wild animals and need to be treated as such. In fact according to our local vet they are protected under Scottish law. Therefore we are unable to keep feral cats under domestic conditions. So we have the following options available to us: If you find a feral cat or a colony of cats on your land and you do not wish them to remain there, then please DO NOT feed them, they will then move on. Contrary to public perception these cats will not starve to death, they will hunt and scavenge as wild animals do and they will survive. However if you DO chose to feed the cat/cats, then you are TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for them and are committing yourself to the time it takes to feed them and maintain their welfare. It is in this second situation when people then change their mind and call us insisting that we must take the cats that issues arise. We can't and won't be able to do that for the reasons already listed. Feral cats can make fantastic barn cats, keeping your mouse and rat population at bay.If you chose to take one on we will help you to get the cat neutered.
In the case of feral kittens, from our hands on experience we are only able to have a chance of domesticating these kittens up to the age of approximately 9 weeks. Beyond that age they will be too feral and need to be treated as the cats above. If you come across young feral kittens, if we have room we will attempt to catch them and bring them into our care.
I appreciate this a lengthy post but it is a necessary one. We are a small team. there are only three of us actively working with cats, two of whom are working mums. We do this as volunteers out of our genuine love of cats. We will continue to rescue and respond to as many requests as our resources and manpower will allow. All we ask in return is a greater understanding of our position and the fact that at times we are unable to respond to some requests for genuine reasons.
Thank You for taking the time to read this,hopefully this has gone some way to raise awareness.
We couldn't do what we do without your continued support and we are very grateful