Adoption Checklist

  • Thank you for thinking of adopting a CP cat. To ensure we match the right cat/kitten to the right home we ask that you complete a home finder questionnaire before viewing the cats.

    You will need to bring proof of address such as 
  • Credit card statement
  • Council tax bill
  • Utility bill
  • Driving licence
  • Letter of consent by Landlord (please note you will need this to reserve a cat if you are in rented accommodation)
Due to the developing situation with COVID-19 we are taking some extra precautions at this time to try and ensure that we keep our visitors and centre safe so we can continue to care for cats. We are running an appointment basis only and not carrying out any home visits.

Ο Where do you live?
Due to Covid-19 we will be unable to home cats or kittens off the island until further notice. We recommend you contact your local Cats Protection branch.

Depending on your location, certain cats may be more or less suitable for you. Kittens would not be suited for somewhere next to a busy road whereas an indoor cat would be fine. We will check your home address on Google Maps.

Ο Do you have any other pets?

Some cats prefer the company of other cats and dogs and others prefer to be just by themselves, if you have other pets then we will need to make sure the cat is OK around them. If you have a dog it will need to visit us to meet the cat you wish to adopt. Then a home visit will be carried out.

Ο Are you living in rented accommodation?

If so we are going to need to see a tenancy letter before we can reserve a cat. Please bring it along when you visit to speed up the homing process.

Ο Are you ready for your feline friend?

We usually like cats to go to their new home within a week of being reserved, so if you are unable to take them for a longer amount of time (holiday, etc) we will not reserve a cat today but do return when you are able to adopt. If you have filled out a home finder questionnaire then please bring it back with you next time you visit.

Cats Protection may require to carry out a pre home visit to ensure the right cat is matched to the right home.
We will always carry out a pre home visit for kittens to offer advice and information to settle your new kitten in.

Cats Protection reserves the right to refuse adoption